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The Examen Prayer is a valuable tool in deepening one's relationship with God and his or her spiritual growth. Designed by St. Ignatius of Loyola, a 16th-century Spanish priest, and theologian, the Examen Prayer encourages daily reflection on the experiences and emotions that shape our lives.

By consistently practicing this prayer, individuals can develop a more intentional approach to their spirituality, helping them find a deeper connection with the divine and a clearer understanding of their purpose. As they regularly examine their thoughts, actions, and emotions through the Examen Prayer, they are guided towards a more intentional and fulfilling spiritual life.

How to Pray the Examen?

The Examen Prayer is a deeply reflective practice that allows individuals to connect with their innermost feelings and experiences throughout the day. To begin praying the Examen Prayer, one must first find a quiet and comfortable space to settle into a mindset of peace and gratitude. The prayer is then often divided into five steps: the presence of God, gratitude, review of the day, reconciliation, and resolve for the future. By engaging in this spiritual exercise, individuals are able to find a greater sense of peace and purpose in their daily lives.The Examen Prayer is a simple yet profound method for deepening one's spiritual life, reflecting on the events of the day and discerning the presence of the divine. During the prayer, one should review the day's events, paying attention to moments when you felt the presence of God or when you may have turned away from divine guidance. Finally, ask for God's help in recognizing these encounters in the future, and express your desire to grow closer to the divine each day.

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The Examen at Brebeuf

Our Brebeuf Examen team shares their gift of pray with our Brebeuf school community.

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