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School Pilgrimages

"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage"

In accordance with the TCDSB's new pastoral plan of harmonizing our faith through family, parish and school, the pilgrimages we hold are a unique opportunity for young people to encounter the hope that Christ has given to each of us.

These pilgrimages also offer an extraordinary opportunity for students broaden their knowledge of the Christian faith by allowing them to see, touch and experience some of the historical roots of the Catholic Church.

These spiritual journeys are intended to enlighten and inspire, and are sure to promote life-changing experiences for spiritual growth.


"Rome was awe-inspiring. Seeing the Vatican and all the different Renaissance churches broadened my perspective of our faith. There is no better way to celebrate Easter than in Rome on a pilgrimage"

- Vincent Mastromatteo, 2014 Pilgrimage



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Spain 2018 Slideshow

Rome 2017 Mini Video

Brebeuf College Rome Pilgrimage March 17-28, 2016

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