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Brebeuf Youth Ministry Initiatives


Every Friday at 11:40 am in the chapel​

Youth Ministry Daily Gathering

Friday at 11:40 am in room 314

Kairos Retreat (Grade 11)

October 2023​

40 Days for Life Toronto

See Mr. Gonzales or Mr. Guy​

Eucharistic Adoration every First Friday Liturgy:

Helpers needed per 20 min period all day to stay with Christ - See Mr. Gregoris 

St. Francis Table - Every Thursday after school

See Mr. Guy


Jesuit schools are recognized for their retreats. They were the core of St. Ignatius's vision of education. He believed that having Jesuit schools can educate a person: the body, mind, and soul. We embrace Ignatius's conviction that God is present in everything, especially in the heart and minds of young men. Together on Kairos, we explore the questions said by young men. We encourage these young men to listen to each other, openly talk, and find God within themselves, their families, and with one another. Nevertheless, Kairos pinpoints the Christian call to "serve others". It's an important pathway for many young men; it becomes a time for them to refocus their lives on what is more necessary.

Kairos 2018 group pic.jpg

Salesian Leadership Retreat

In 1849, St. John Bosco founded the Salesians. He had a mission to befriend kids who are in poverty, neglected, at risk, and by doing it, he most importantly become friends with Christ. Until today, this Catholic organization continues to do His work: The Father Almighty, in the spirit of its founder. In cooperation with over 40,000 Salesian priests, brothers, sisters, and lay people doing work in 120 countries all over the world. The Salesian Leadership Retreat occurs during every fall and winter at Brebeuf and is available for every grade eleven students.

St. Francis Table

Continuing the tradition of Brebeuf as Men for Others, every Thursday, the 'Brebeuf Boyz' travel to downtown Toronto to the St. Francis Table to serve the poor food. This powerful initiative of students exploring the love of others while doing tasks is very expressive to our school as a whole. The ministry of the Capuchin-Franciscan Friars and friends is committed to creating a Faith Community with the poor through direct services that preserve and enhance human dignity. Opened in 1987 in the downtown core of Toronto, they average serving 250 meals per day and over 1 million meals in total to this day.

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