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Faith and Fellowship

What is Faith and Fellowship?

Faith and Fellowship is an inclusive group of students from both Brebeuf College and St. Joseph's Morrow Park who want to grow their faith in Christ with others either after school or in their own time. Being both an all-boy and an all-girl school is simply a great way to get rid of most temptations/sins within our Catholic faith (Lust, Distractions, Fame), but doesn’t seem to grow ourselves in God within a society of other genders. Faith and Fellowship is a way for these group of students wanting to enhance their relationship with God, through others by sharing ideas and simply hanging out either formally or informally.


Why join Faith and Fellowship

Faith is the actual foundation of the group itself. People who are truly into their faith are the people who find fellowship much easier to engage in friendships/bonds. It provides a place even for those who are into other religions, not strong in their faith or don't believe in any religions at all to engage in conversations and opinions that the secular world (society) is trying to promote. It's a way to talk and hang out with other genders without the worry of discrimination, hate or bad influence in the group itself. The group welcomes and respects everyone even when personal opinions could get in the way of things, this won’t break the group’s spirit of fellowship! This group is active 24/7, making plans in our own free time so that all of us could grow “in faith and in fellowship together as one big family in Christ!”.


Story of Faith and Fellowship

How did Faith and Fellowship Start?

Faith and Fellowship started when Mr. Gregoris had an idea to bring both communities together in faith just by inviting them into our school community. Mr. Gregoris talked to Ms. Galloway from SJMP (former teacher at Brebeuf) about this idea and she agreed to it. Both teachers prepared this idea at both schools and our first date of formal fellowship started in December 8th, 2021, where we had a group of about 12 students. That day is sort of an introduction phase because the group were trying to think about ways to establish the content of what they could learn like: Theology of the body, Bible study, Inferring and reflecting mediums about faith, Rosary, Adoration… a lot of ways. 

After that day, nothing really happened to spark it again due to the extra week of break in the first week of January. They didn't have a formal fellowship in January because before, the schedule for fellowships was on the first week of the month. Since Brebeuf holds virtual rosaries every Thursday, why not invite SJMP to the rosary. And so they did and it worked but started to fade away. The next fellowship was on the 25th of February, both schools were excited to meet each other in person, but Alexander (Spiritual Rep. 2021-22) and Mr. Gregoris had the idea to move the date the next week because of First Friday, where they hold Adoration. 

On March 4th, about 15 people joined in faith and fellowship at Brebeuf again. For this meet-up was much more different than before. Everyone was very engaged in conversation and They was very happy to see everyone talking in faith as one big family without any hesitation and worry. Before we ended the fellowship, Youth Ministry had already planned to go Skating at Nathan Phillips Square the next day. With that thought in mind, The BYM had the idea to invite SJMP to skate with us. When BYM asked them about it, some of SJMP students said that they would go.

The day after (Skating Day - March 5th), only 5 people went, but during the day,they all engaged not only in faith but in friendships, as well as relationships within the group itself. Alexander (Student Moderator) would say that from that day on was truly the start of the faith and fellowship officially. Both schools have grown in faith, especially in friendships just having this event once a month (formally) or any time they want (informally). After March 5th, the group created a group chat of the faith and fellowship and arranged some fellowships during the March Break (ie: Skating -- 13 people, Karaoke -- 12 people) it was like this group has already created a new type of club, forming a new bond between both schools in faith and especially, in fellowship.

With another fellowship happening on March 25th at SJMP, both schools were excited to see each other again. But this fellowship would bring an additional whole of the last fellowship at Brebeuf, bringing it up to about more than 25 people. With that amount of people wanting to grow themselves with others in faith (with other genders and other religions), it truly seals the fate of the faith life and the relationships between both schools. Since then, they try to hang out every week or two to enhance and improve the spirit of the group!


About the FNF Student Leadership Team

What would Faith and Fellowship be like today without the need for teachers and be very engaging to students as possible?

Say hello to your student leadership team! The team must lead with faith and intention for the meeting to be as smooth as butter! The student leadership team consists of 5 students handling every single aspect of planning and executing each monthly meeting.

The student moderator of Faith and Fellowship is the head of the club itself making sure that everything is aligned with Catholic values and interests of both school communities. They have absolute power and responsibility in order to keep the group alive!

(One student from any school appointed by the current moderator)

The student leaders are the main engine of the leadership team. They bring conversation and topics that would help students with their faith journey. They plan ideas that would relate to students and create a vibrant environment so that everyone is included and having fun!

(Four students - Two from each school appointed by the current moderator)

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